Man Spent 7 Hours Digging in Piles of Wood to Save Litter of Kittens in Dumpster!

A man spent seven hours digging through piles of wood to save a litter of kittens that were thrown into a dumpster. He heard meowing coming from the dumpster and spotted a little helpless kitten hanging onto scraps of wood. After carefully digging through the piles, he retrieved all the kittens, but unfortunately, one did not survive. The kittens were so young that they needed around-the-clock care.

Cliff and his family searched for help and eventually found the Watching Over Whiskers rescue group in Springfield, Missouri. The kittens received baths, full bellies, and a warm bed to sleep in. Despite a hard beginning, these kittens are now thriving at their foster home, thanks to the kindness of their rescuer and the unconditional love from their caregivers.